If you have left Judaism for Christianity/Messianism ask yourself if you have made a logically sound decision? Did you consult a reputable representative of Judaism to see if Judaism has answers to the things your Christian friends told you?

What I will say is this: you owe it to yourself to make sure you gave Judaism the same amount of consideration that you gave to Messianism/Christianity. If you want to ensure that you have chosen your life path based on reason then find a local counter missionary to talk to. If there is no one in your area, then email is better than nothing. I have included some people on the links page who are more than happy to talk with you. I have personally met many of them and can guarantee that they are lovely, non-judgmental and interesting people who you will certainly gain from interacting with them.

I am not a counsellor, nor a counter missionary, I am merely a truth seeker so I do not suggest that I am the best person to talk to if you have questions. However, if you would like to talk with me, I am happy to talk with anyone and everyone. Please email me at: