One regular commenter here, bography, seems to get hung up with two particular questions. He consistently asks me if I believe in the historical veracity of the Chrstian Bible and what it claims Jesus said. The other challenge he comes up with is quoting sources, websites, people etc who claim to represent Judaism and challenging me with these quotes.

Since he asks these questions over and over and I give the same answer over and over, I will post generic responses to both on this page and every time he asks me in the future, I will simply refer him to this page and save myself the effort 🙂

1. I do not know if the Christian Bible has historical accuracy. I do not know if Jesus existed or not. I do not know if he said those things the books claim he said. If you believe it, then the question is one which you have to answer.

2. I am not necessarily represented by this source and can only be held accountable for what I personally have written on this blog, or what is written in the Jewish Bible.