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During the next month or so, I will be having less and less time to blog (and will probably be active again around mid-January).

In case I don’t get a chance to do this later, I would like to wish a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following people who will be celebrating their birth on the 25th of December:

  • Attis, born Dec 25 the son of the virgin Nana (Roman pagan god)
  • Dionysus, born Dec 25 the son of the virgin Semele (Greek pagan god)
  • Osirirs, born Dec 25 (Egyptian pagan god)
  • Mithra, born Dec 25 (Persian pagan god)
  • Bhuddha, born Dec 25 the son of the virgin Maya
  • Vishnu, born Dec 25 (Hindu pagan god)
  • Adonis, born Dec 25 (Phoenician pagan god)
  • Tammuz, born Dec 25 (Canaanite pagan god)

As well as any other pagan gods that I forgot to mention who were born on December 25.

(Since we are talking about pagan gods born of virgins, special mentions need to also go to: Krishna, born of the virgin Devaki. Hertha, who was a virgin when she gave birth. Balder, born of the virgin Frigga. As well as Danae, Melanippe, Auge and Antiope – all born of virgins.)

Happy Birthday, idols!


Many people (including in RPP) tell me that believing in Jesus is a very Jewish thing to do. Why? Because:

  • The Christian Bible was written by Jews (well, not all of it, but let’s let that slide)
  • Jesus was Jewish
  • His disciples were Jewish (again, not all of t hem, but who’s gonna nitpick?)
  • Lots of Jews these days follow him

Well, lets compare him to another false god: the Golden Calf.

The golden calf is written about in the Jewish Bible. The golden calf was made by Jews. A HUGE amount of Jews worshipped this calf (it probably had more Jewish followers than Jesus).

So what can we prove? That believing in Jesus is just as Jewish as worshipping a golden calf. (At least the golden calf features in the Jewish Bible!)

‘Messianic’ Jews often like to claim how ‘pro-scritpure’ they are and so anti Oral Law, and (in their words) anti ‘Rabbinic Judaism’.

However, as we enter Channukah, we find many ‘Jews for Jesus’ shops filled with Channukiyot and Dreidles on sale, even their webpage is covered with Channukah paraphernalia!

Of course, the obvious question is: why would they celebrate Channukah? The sources for this festival come from the ORAL TORAH (and if you want to count the Book of the Macabees – then that is found in the Catholic Bible).

So my question for ‘messianic Jews’ is: if you celebrate Channukah, is it because you are secretly a ‘Rabbinic Jew’ or a Catholic?

This just in from RPP by a man called ‘Ken Thomas’

“I am a strong advocate for freedom speech. I also oppose efforts to spoil the thread by off-topic posting and rudeness like the comment by y613. It adds nothing to the discussion and only hinders free expression.

Y’s comments should be censored because it is irrelevant and designed to ruin and spoil conversation. It is the equivalent of yelling and screaming hate speech during a worship service and has no place here.”

What type of logic does one need to state that they are both advocates of freedom speech (sic) AND want someone to be censored in the same post? The answer is obvious: Missionary logic!

Yes, advocating freedom of speech with one breath and requesting someone to be censored with the next makes as much sense as being a ‘Jew for Jesus.’

I also am obliged to commend Joseph for ignoring this clown and refusing his request. While I disagree with Joseph on many things, I think we both agree on the importance of allowing anyone to post anything, and rather than deleting their comments, to reply to them. Ken, on the other hand, would rather delete posts since he obviously has no good answers!

Post Script: Why is he calling me ‘y’ and not pronouncing my full name? It’s like he thinks I am G-d or something? G-d forbid! Silly rabbit, G-d is not a man – He said so Himself!

Looks like the Christians have taught the Muslims a thing or two about dressing up like Jews…

Dear messianics, your attempts at convincing me that you are practicing authentic Judaism is about as convincing as this fellow:

Here are some words of wisdom from an extraordinary man, a true tzaddik, Rabbi Skobac:

For those who like to read, and who really want a perfect summary of how Jews see Jesus, and why we have no reason to accept him, or the arguments of Michael Brown, here is a fantastic three part series by my pharisee friend, Rabbi Blumenthal:

Part 1: A Brief History of Charlie and the Charolites

Part 2: Answering Christian Objections to Charlie

Part 3: Contra-Green

I am in awe of the clarity and wisdom of every post I read by Rabbi Blumenthal. Here is another inspiring post that I would appreciate your thoughts on:

(Source: )

Replacement theology is on its way out amongst many Christians. Many Christians are coming to believe that the Jewish people are still chosen by God. I see this as a positive development in Christianity. With the stranglehold of the establishment Church broken, Christians are reading the Bible on their own and coming to their own conclusions. It is not easy for people to begin thinking in a direction that they are not accustomed to, but as the decades and centuries move on, progress is being made. More and more Christians are discovering that the Bible teaches doctrine that is different than what is taught by the establishment Church. This process influences the Churches as well, who realign their doctrines to the Biblical truths discovered by their supporters. It is my belief that the truth of God will eventually triumph completely and Christians will learn that Jesus was not who he claimed to be and that the Christians Scriptures have no place next to the Jewish Bible. In the meantime, I applaud any step taken towards God’s truth.

Despite the fact that so many Christians have come to the recognition that the Jewish people are still God’s elect, still, the full ramifications of this truth have yet to set in. If you were to ask a Christian the following question: Where are most Jews who ever lived? Consider all of the Jews who ever lived and tell me – do you think that the majority of them are in heaven or do you believe that they are in hell? I find that Christians do not appreciate the question, but when they do respond, they tell me that the vast majority of Jews who ever lived are presently in hell. Christians who have accepted the teaching that there is no forgiveness for sin without the blood of Jesus, will have to believe that those who did not believe in Jesus, be they Jewish or gentile, did not receive forgiveness for their sins and consequently must be burning in the fires of hell.

So here is the problem. Why is it then, that when God threatens a Jew with punishment, He declares: “That soul shall be cut off from her nation”? If the nation is in hell, then what’s the big deal? Why wouldn’t you want to be cut off from such a nation? It is obvious that the vast majority of Jews are in a good place, and that being cut off from the Jewish people is not a positive spiritual proposition. God does not believe that the majority of the Jewish people are burning in hell, and He expects the readers of His book to be frightened by the threat of being cut off from the Jewish nation.

Here are some of the Biblical references. Genesis 17:14, Exodus 12:15,19, 31:14, Leviticus 7:20,21,25,27, 19:8, 22:3, 23;29, Numbers 9:13, 15:30, 19:13,20, Ezekiel 13:9. Please read them and think about them.


A truly inspiring piece from Rabbi Blumenthal:


The Context of Scripture
Any teacher could confirm that the arrangement of information will affect the manner in which the subject matter is assimilated. A wise educator will organize his or her lessons in a manner that will maximize the student’s understanding of the subject. The educator will recognize that the second lesson that is taught will be understood by the pupils in light of the first lesson, and the information will be arranged accordingly.

There are different techniques that can be used to impart information. Knowledge can be acquired through written word, through discussions and through live presentations. A wise educator will choose his or her methods of teaching carefully. In some instances one teaching technique will be utilized and in other situations a different technique will be employed, all in order to maximize the student’s ultimate comprehension of the topic that is being taught.

Now, picture in your mind an eminent educator. This distinguished individual possesses the most impeccable credentials in the field of education. This same individual applies much thought and effort in the crafting of a particular academic program. According to the design of this expert, the students will learn the first lesson several times before they approach the second stage of the program. The first course is to be repeated through various intense live experiences, before the pupils begin studying the second course.

It is obvious that this educator wants the second stage of the program to be read in the context of the first. A student who insists on disregarding the first step of the program and begins his or her studies with the second stage of the program, will not comprehend the material according to the intent of the teacher who so carefully designed the program.

God is Israel’s teacher (Isaiah 48:17). We have to ask ourselves if God chose to organize the information He teaches us in any particular arrangement. It would also be desirable to ascertain the particular techniques that God chose to employ in the education of His first-born son.

The scripture makes it clear that our Divine teacher first instilled in our nation a perception of God. He repeated this lesson many times and with spectacular demonstrations, before He handed them the first book of scripture. (Exodus 6:6,7, 10:2, 11:7,14:31, 16:6, 20:19, Deuteronomy 4:35, 31:24.) God ensured that the subsequent generations also absorb the lessons in this order and with these methods. A child of Israel will learn of God’s power and His love for Israel before the child can read the first word of scripture. It is through the observances of the holy days that God preserves the impact of the Exodus miracles, and passes the message on to the future generations. (Exodus 12:14,17,26,42, 13:8,14, 31:13, Leviticus 23:43, Deuteronomy 5:15, 16:3,12.) The child will experience the observance of the holy days and absorb their lesson many times before he begins to read scripture.

It is clear, that God, the Master educator crafted the educational program for His nation with precision and exactitude. God determined that the nation first absorb the lessons of the Exodus through the living experience. It is in the context of this first lesson that God presented the scriptures to His people. Only after they have experienced and assimilated the appropriate perception of God, can they read the scriptures according to the Author’s intent.

How insolent then is the position of Christianity. With no regard for the educational program that God designed, Christians ignore the lesson that God designated as the introduction to scripture. Never suspecting that there is an inherent fault in their approach to scripture, they are shocked to learn that those who did pay heed to God’s first lesson read His second lesson in a different light. Instead of re-examining their approach to scripture they accuse the very people whom God designated as His witnesses (Isaiah 43:10, 12, 44:8) with the affliction of spiritual blindness.


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A great video, very clear and telling!