This blog is about True Messianic Judaism. This is Judaism that believes in the Messiah as predicted by the Jewish Scriptures.

The Jewish Messiah, as described in the Jewish Bible is one who will rule as king of Israel at a time of worldwide peace, knowledge of G-d, and have all of the lost tribes of Israel gathered together again in the Holy Land. The anointed King will be a direct father to son descendant of King David through his son, King Solomon.

This is why real Messianic Jews do not believe that the Messiah has come yet and await for the time of world perfection. We do not believe in Jesus/Yeshua/Whatever in the same way we do not believe in Shabbetai Tzvi, Napoleon, Harry Potter nor Theudas.

This is not an ‘anti-missionary’ site and we encourage open, honest dialogue based on the Jewish Bible.