This just in from RPP by a man called ‘Ken Thomas’

“I am a strong advocate for freedom speech. I also oppose efforts to spoil the thread by off-topic posting and rudeness like the comment by y613. It adds nothing to the discussion and only hinders free expression.

Y’s comments should be censored because it is irrelevant and designed to ruin and spoil conversation. It is the equivalent of yelling and screaming hate speech during a worship service and has no place here.”

What type of logic does one need to state that they are both advocates of freedom speech (sic) AND want someone to be censored in the same post? The answer is obvious: Missionary logic!

Yes, advocating freedom of speech with one breath and requesting someone to be censored with the next makes as much sense as being a ‘Jew for Jesus.’

I also am obliged to commend Joseph for ignoring this clown and refusing his request. While I disagree with Joseph on many things, I think we both agree on the importance of allowing anyone to post anything, and rather than deleting their comments, to reply to them. Ken, on the other hand, would rather delete posts since he obviously has no good answers!

Post Script: Why is he calling me ‘y’ and not pronouncing my full name? It’s like he thinks I am G-d or something? G-d forbid! Silly rabbit, G-d is not a man – He said so Himself!