This gem comes a fellow named Josh McDowell in his book “Evidence that demands a verdict”

When talking about the Christian Bible:

“Although he was dealing with fewer manuscripts than we have today, Philip Schaff in Comparison to the Greek Testament and the English Version concluded that only 400 of the 150,000 variant readings caused doubt about the textual meaning, and only 50 of these were of great significance.

This, by the way, is not written by any “anti missionary” trying to cast doubt over the accuracy of the christian bible – this was written by a well known Christian Missionary!

So what is Josh saying? That there are 400 places where there is doubt about the textual meaning of the Christian Bible, and there are 50 places where there are passages of great significance that are disputable!

(This, folks, is why I would rather stick with the Jewish Bible – it is much larger than the Christian Bible, has been around for about 1000 years longer, and yet has been preserved in nearly pristine condition! Compare this with the shoddy preservation of the Christian Bible…clearly, if you want to trust a book that claims to be the word of G-d, you should trust the Servants of G-d, and not the Catholic Church 😉 )