Some people tell me that the only way to avoid the fires of hell is to believe in Jesus. They go on to tell me that everyone who believes in Jesus is in heaven.


I ask them if Hitler believed in Jesus (Hitler’s germany was Lutheran). They answer that he did not – I guess the thought of them spending their eternity in Heaven next to the Fuhrer was too much for them to handle. Ok, so in that case, they believe that Hilter is burning in hell..,in the same dorm as the 6 million Jews he killed? That’s some religion of love you got there!

On the topic of Hitler, Joseph (a commenter here, and admin of RPP) said that Jesus has to be the Messiah because he was able to unite Jewish counter missionaries which is (apparently) a difficult thing to do! Of course, we know that Hitler was able to stand a row of Jews up against a wall and say ‘you are  Jew, you are a Jew, and you are a Jew’ regardless of their affiliation. Does this mean Hitler is in the running to be the messiah as well?

Interestingly, Joseph replied to me that Hitler lined up ‘messianic’ Jews too. I guess this is an admission of Joseph’s behalf that Hitler actually did a better job at qualifying as the messiah than Jesus!