I don’t normally like to make personal attacks on people. However, as a truth seeker, I feel obligated to publicize those who hide the truth.

A regular commenter here and on RPP by the name of Israel likes to frequently inform us how ‘observant’ and ‘orthodox’ he is despite his belief in ‘Yeshua’ (That’s Jesus, the Christian god). As you can see in this post that I have attached below, he like to smatter his comments with expressions that sound very very stereotypical Jewish like ‘oy vey’, ‘G-d’ and ‘HaShem’. However, when he has to type in hebrew, the truth really comes out. Can you spot the errors? The truth is, if he really can read and understand Hebrew and read the Jewish Bible in its original language, he wouldn’t make this mistake not once, let alone TWICE!

(Methinks there is more ‘Christian’ than ‘Hebrew’ in this ‘Hebrew Christian’)