Christians/Messianics/Missionaries think they have found the ‘knock out punch’ when they explain that the Jewish Rabbis believed in a dual-mission Messiah (Messiah ben David and Messiah ben Josef). The assumption is that this gives validity to the second coming.

Since the Messiah ben Josef is a descendant of Joseph (not Judah) then, the Messiah ben Josef is not a descendant of King David. Is this what the missionaries want us to think about Jesus? (It’s obvious from this point that the two guys are different people, from different lines)

That’s fine, if they want to claim that Jesus came once as Messiah ben Josef, then they will need to reassess their belief that he descends from King David. Hmmmm…..

If you really want to know who the Messiah ben Josef is, then this is the article for you: (Article by Rabbi Moshe Shulman)