When you look at an oil painting from far away, it looks beautiful! When you come up close, you can see the crack and imperfections and it starts to look simply like splotches of oil! (Adaptation of a quote from Rabbi Skobac).

When Dr. Michael Brown wrote a huge 5 volume series answering the Jewish objections to Jesus, such a large work can seem impressive and quite possibly even convincing. However, this is only true from when you look far away.

Enter Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal: Rabbi Blumenthal has taken up the task of examining this series and has written two insightful and detailed responses that clearly expose the major cracks and imperfections in Dr. Brown’s work. If you consider yourself to be a true open-minded truth seeker, you definitely want to read these!

Contra Brown:


The Elephant and the Suit

(The second article is shorter if you prefer to read that, but both are fantastic examinations)