In an email conversation with one of the regular posters on RPP (I won’t say who, in order to respect their privacy), the person explained to me that Daniel 9:25-26 is saying that the Messiah will die 69 weeks of years after the year 444BCE.

Shall we work this out? 69 weeks of years is actually 483 years (69 x 7).

Now 483 years after 444BCE comes to the year 39CE.

I asked this person if he believes that Jesus died in the year 39CE. He replied ‘no’ and that I need to, in fact, use lunar years rather than solar.

Now of course, there is no indication from this verse to use lunar years, but just for the sake of the exercise, I gave it a shot: Now we know that a lunar year is 11 days shorter than a solar year, so to work out 69 weeks of lunar years, we get: 483 * 354/365 = 468.44 years.

Ok, lets try adding 468.44 years to 444BCE: we come to the year 24.44CE

I have now asked this person: did Jesus die in the year 39 or 24CE? I have not as yet received an answer.

(Don’t worry to much if you don’t understand this, the entire premise that missionaries use Daniel 9:25-26 for is incorrect so you wouldn’t expect the dates to work out in the first place! If you want proof of this, just read the Christian Bible, that is the best proof there is that Daniel 9:25-26 is not a messianic prophecy about Jesus)