On RPP, a certain ‘messianic’ (ie Christian) ‘Rabbi’ (ie Pastor) by the name of Cliff Maynard explained to me that Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies from the Jewish Bible – the odds of which are almost impossible. When I offered to go through with him every single one of these prophecies and discuss if each one:

a) is correctly translated from the original Hebrew

b) is actually a messianic prophecy in context

c) applies exclusively to Jesus

He declined going through this exercise with me.

One of these ‘prophecies’ he claimed that Jesus fulfilled was that the Jewish Bible apparently predicts that the messiah will be thirsty, and there is record in the Christian Bible that Jesus was thirsty.

Here is something to think about: Do you think it would be a meaningful prophecy for the Bible to predict that the messiah will be thirsty? How many people in this world do you think have been thirsty at some point in their life?

This ‘prophecy’ is clearly meaningless as it does nothing to identify Jesus! It could be talking about absolutely anyone in the history of the world.

Suddenly, these 300 prophecies have diminished to 299. I was willing to keep going with Cliff through every single one, but as I said, he declined.

In essence, 300 x 0 = 0. An argument doesn’t get any stronger by having a large number of wrong arguments hold hands.